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about us

BarzinMehr Mapping Group started its professional activity in Alborz province in 2010. The purpose of the initial formation of this group was to provide engineering services in the field of mapping, including collection, separation, implementation of separation parts, volume calculation, road construction operations and etc. From a variety of advanced total cameras and multi-frequency GPS, drones and laser scanners, this group has also updated its equipment in parallel with the progress of science and is now one of the best in all fields of mapping in terms of providing services to you, dear citizens.



The director of this collection, Mr. Mohammad Karimi, has a master’s degree in mapping with a specialization in GIS (Geographic Information System), who, in addition to management, interacts with real and legal entities as a consultant in registration and real estate matters, and in this field as well. It has continuous and long activity.



BarzinMehr Mapping Group, in cooperation with several surveying engineers and official judicial experts in the fields of mapping, civil engineering and registration affairs, responds to the real and legal needs of your dear compatriots living inside and outside the country.