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land mapping for various projects

Land surveying in BarzinMehr Group is carried out by accurate measurement of the land surface on a large scale, the purpose of which is to depict the land surface to control constructions and show the boundaries of the land. In fact, the purpose of this work is to provide accurate quantitative and sometimes qualitative information about the earth’s surface, topography, and natural and man-made features. These measurements include the measurement of angles, height difference between two points, length and area, which in BarzinMehr are usually done using lightweight mechanical tools equipped with GPS, this shows that the most important purpose of ground mapping with a camera is to determine coordinates It is the relative three-dimensionality of points on the earth.



In BarzinMehr Group, land mapping uses various technologies such as GPS, theodolite, total station and real-time kinematic technique (RTK), as well as laser scanning and photogrammetry methods to accurately measure the height and features of the earth’s surface.

Land mapping has various applications, including: construction, agriculture, architecture, road construction and urban planning



The following are the advantages of using land mapping:



1- Determination of land boundaries

2- Property evaluation

3- Segregation of lands

4- Land preparation for construction activities



BarzinMehr Group, by mastering all matters related to land surveying, is responsive to your needs, dear employers. This office has designed and executed various projects in Alborz province, which include various topographic surveys, design of separation maps and land division into smaller parts, harvesting and multiple areas for various projects.