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Slogan of BarzinMehr Mapping Group
Slogan of BarzinMehr Mapping Group
Honesty, trust and expertise = BarzinMehr

Mapping Services

Land Mapping

Land mapping in BarzinMehr Group is done with very accurate measurement of the land surface on a large scale, the purpose of which ...

Cadastral Map

Cadastre is the same as boundary mapping or registration mapping. It means mapping that has legal value and can issue a title deed ...

Photogrammetry Mapping

Mapping large projects that take a lot of time on the ground, sites that are difficult to access or places such as mines and unstable slopes ...

Why BarzinMehr?

By referring to this mapping group, modern mapping services, including the preparation of UTM maps with the most advanced devices in the world and the placement of old ownership documents in the place and single-page notebook documents and the separation of lands and other mapping matters as soon as possible and It will be offered at a reasonable price.

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