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photogrammetry mapping for large areas

Mapping large projects that take a long time on the ground, sites that are difficult to access or places such as mines and unstable slopes that are very dangerous can often be done in less time and with the same quality as aerial mapping with a drone.



With the advancement of the industry and technology of drones, many tasks that required a lot of time and cost in the past can now be done with minimal time and low cost, and one of these tasks is mapping with drones. Preparing a topographic map for large areas and high elevations with ground mapping operations is a time-consuming and expensive process, and it is in such cases that the importance of aerial mapping by UAV is determined for the employer.



By entrusting his project to BarzinMehr Group, the client can receive the preparation of a map of his property as soon as possible and at a low cost compared to land mapping with high accuracy.


Carrying out the aerial mapping process requires high expertise and its office operations are also complicated and are performed by an expert, which is beyond the scope of this discussion. BarzinMehr Group has done several mapping projects with drones, an example of which is the Shamsabad project in Tehran, whose images and videos can be seen.


If you are the owner of a large agricultural land and you need a topographical map for the implementation of agricultural projects, including leveling and building a greenhouse or drip irrigation, contact us. If you own a mine and need to calculate the volume of excavation operations and the volume of your depot, be sure to contact us.