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preparation of cadastral map and single sheet of documents

Cadastre is the same as boundary mapping or registration mapping. It means mapping that has legal value and can issue a title deed based on its boundaries. A cadastral map is a map that shows the boundaries and ownership of land parcels and provides us with information about the geography of the land, which is used to assess and manage infrastructure.



Considering the progress of mapping science and technology, it is not an exception to this rule and has made great progress, so that cadastral maps have found their main place, that is, a map must be prepared that, in addition to having specific dimensions and area, Its border should also have legal value, its owner should be known, and the nature of the land should be known, whether it is national, favorable, etc.


In the past, the registration maps only included the sketch of the document, and mapping using the sketch information and reference points had to be carried out on the property.


Digitizing old paper maps and georeferencing them (reference ground) is one of the sensitive tasks of mapping, which is one of the specialties of BarzinMehr mapping group. With our history in Alborz province, we know most of the references in the old maps and we use that to implement the old parts, you can also confidently use your old notebook document that you don’t know about the place. If you don’t have it, get informed about its exact location through this office, and after placing it in the place and preparing the UTM map, proceed to get a single-page document for it. It is obvious that one of the conditions of a single-page notebook document is to place it in place and prepare a digital map for it.



BarzinMehr Mapping Group has the honor to provide free registration and legal advice to the clients so that the owners can proceed with their administrative affairs with complete knowledge and sufficient information. You can refer to BarzinMehr office to demolish your property in the place and prepare a UTM map for it and make a single-page notebook document as well as information about the status of your property.